I am an actor.

Give me work. (Please).

I have been acting in plays for a while now and have been really lucky to work with some very talented directors like Donald Garverick, Tomer Adorian, Cat Andre, Tyler Spicer, George Drance, Corey Atkins, Jessi Hill, Kel Haney, Harry Dreyfuss, John Bezark, Janeece Freeman Clark, Jono Hustis, Jordan Reeves, and others. If you would like to see me perform please message me. I will happily learn any monologue you give me. I am very lonely.

Here are the nice things people said about mE:

 MITF Award Nominee: Leading Actor in a Musical

"Patrick Swailes Caldwell is extraordinary beyond belief."

-Peter Fillichia Broadway Radio

"It featured a clown, a mime, a magician, a pianist, a ukulele player, a whistler, a comedian, an actor, an impressionist, a storyteller, a media artist, a singer and a songwriter. It is a cast that might have overcrowded the small Duplex stage were it not for the fact that all of them were embodied in one remarkable performer, Patrick Swailes Caldwell."

-Gerry Geddes Bistro Awards

"The specificity with which Caldwell infuses every detail of his performance repeatedly refocuses the production....  Caldwell also manages to convey a real wounded vulnerability."

-Lisa Huberman New York Theater Review 

"Patrick Swailes Caldwell uses his skills as a magician to give the character an interesting twist... His ability to hold a note is astounding."


A year ago I played  Martin Shkreli in a new musical about him and the Wu-Tang Clan. Some people seemed to like that show and wrote some lovely things about it. Shkreli did not.

Photo's of people acting are silly. You have no idea if I was any good in these plays, if the notes I'm singing are remotely correct, or if I'm forgetting my lines in every photo. In fact, this may as well be a compilation of moments I had on stage right before something TERRIBLE happened. Such is the magic of live theatrrrrrre.